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Single Port Laparoscopic Procedure

Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital offers the Covidien SILS procedure. This breakthrough laparoscopic surgery allows doctors to remove the gallbladder through a single incision. 

In contrast to surgeries with multiple entry points required by traditional laparoscopic techniques, the SILS procedure is achieved with one access point through the patient’s umbilicus, or belly button. Because the incision is obscured, the potential for scarring can be reduced. Generally, candidates for traditional laparoscopic surgery are also candidates for the SILS procedure. 

The gallbladder is most commonly removed because of gallstones, but it can also be removed if the gallbladder is inflamed or infected. Gallbladder removal relieves pain, treats infection and – in most cases – stops gallstones from coming back. The risks of not having surgery include worsening symptoms, infection and bursting of the gallbladder. The need for gallbladder surgery is determined through an evaluation, which usually includes blood work, an abdominal ultrasound, and assessments by a surgeon and anesthesiologist. They will review your health history and medications, and discuss pain control options. 

If there are no complications following surgery, many patients can be discharged and return home the same day as surgery. 

To schedule a SILS procedure or to find a specialist, call 636.928.WELL (9355) or toll-free 800.392.0936. 

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