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Women's Services

Breast Health

At the Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital Breast Health Center, our compassionate team of specialists provide comprehensive breast care services. Mammograms and other imaging test results are read by experienced board-certified radiologists from the Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology at Washington University School of Medicine, and our multidisciplinary women’s health team supports their efforts with end-to-end care.  

Learn more about the other imaging services Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital offers.

Screening Mammography
A mammogram is the best preventive tool in the fight against breast cancer. Early detection is vital to ensuring cancer is caught at its most treatable, curable stages. Mammograms are conducted in the comfortable atmosphere of our private mammography suite

The American College of Radiology recommends an annual screening mammogram for women age 40 and over. Your doctor may recommend screening at an earlier age, depending on your family history or other risk factors. In many cases, we can offer same-day or next-day appointments.

With our digital mammography technology, experienced physicians can review images less than a minute after the actual scan. They can also easily adjust the contrast of normal and abnormal breast tissue, and then magnify for close inspection. Images are then stored to enable comparison of screens over time. 

To schedule your mammogram at Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital, call 636.916.9320.

3D Mammography
BJC HealthCare was the first to offer 3D mammography in St. Charles County. This technology offers the highest resolution breast scans available — and is offered at both Barnes-Jewish St. Peters and Progress West Hospitals. 

Compared to traditional mammography machines that produce one flat picture, 3D mammography produces layers and layers of high-resolution images of breast tissue. This allows the radiologist to scroll through your digital mammogram page by page, layer by layer, to look for suspicious masses — allowing for earlier detection should cancer be present. 

Catching cancer in its earliest stages greatly increases the patient's opportunity for survival. If your 3D image does reveals a mass, a BJC physician radiologist, who specializes in reading breast imaging, can expedite your connection to care, with world-class breast specialists at Siteman Cancer Center at Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital just steps away. Any necessary treatments, surgeries and support services you need are offered at this location, for your convenience and comfort.

To schedule your 3D mammogram at Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital, call 636.916.9320.

Diagnostic Mammography and Ultrasound
Diagnostic mammography takes a closer look at particular areas of the breast after a doctor has identified a concern from a screening mammogram. A board-certified radiologist then performs an ultrasound after the diagnostic mammogram to clearly pinpoint the area. You must have a written order from your physician for both the diagnostic exam and the ultrasound exam. Both of these procedures allow for an immediate diagnosis. 

Show Me Healthy Women
Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital provides free breast cancer screenings to Missouri women who meet certain age and income requirements through the Show Me Healthy Women program.

Qualifying participants are eligible to receive: 

  • Free clinical breast exams
  • Free breast self-exam instruction
  • Free mammograms (depending on age and risk factors)
  • Additional diagnostic services if needed

Women 50 to 64 or older (if not eligible for Medicare Part B) may be eligible for free: 

  • Clinical breast exams
  • Mammograms and diagnostic services

Women 35 to 49 may be eligible for free:

  • Clinical breast exams if there are no other services available
  • Diagnostic services with breast screenings that are suspicious for cancer

To apply, qualified applicants should review the program income guidelines and complete the application. For more information, please call 636.916.9197.

Understanding BI-RADS
BI-RADS is an acronym for Breast-Imaging Reporting and Data System that represents a standardized reporting system for breast imaging published by the American College of Radiology. 

Your BI-RADS score is an important part of your medical history. When you understand your score, you can keep track, along with your physician, of your results and actively participate in your medical care. 

The BI-RADS system uses numerical codes assigned by a radiologist to provide a clear understanding of a patient’s breast imaging report. The BI-RADS Assessment Categories, or numbers, are used for mammography, ultrasound and breast MRI imaging. See BI-RADS by the numbers below.

BI-RADS 0: This means your study is not yet complete, and further information is needed. This can include comparison to a prior study or possibly additional mammogram or ultrasound imaging. You should make sure that further evaluation is completed. 

BI-RADS 1: This means your study was negative and you should continue your routine screening. 

BI-RADS 2: This means your study was normal (i.e., no cancer), but other findings, such as a cyst, are described in the report. You should continue your routine screening.

BI-RADS 3: This means your study is probably normal but a repeat study should be completed in at least 6 months. The chance of breast cancer is approximately 2 percent in this category, and you should make sure to obtain your repeat study when indicated. 

BI-RADS 4: This means the findings on your study are suspicious, and there is an approximately 23 to 34 percent chance of breast cancer. You will need a biopsy to make a diagnosis, and you should talk to your referring physician about questions.

BI-RADS 5: This means your study results are highly suspicious with a 95 percent chance of breast cancer. You need to have a biopsy for diagnosis, and you should talk to your referring physician about questions.

BI-RADS 6: This means you have already been diagnosed with breast cancer and you should discuss your treatment and imaging plan with your physician.

For more information, contact the Barnes-Jewish St. Peter's Breast Health and Women's Center at 636.916.9541.

To schedule a mammogram in St. Charles County at Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital or Progress West Hospital, call 636.916.9320.

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