Medical Executive Committee

Chief of Staff  
Timothy Cooper, MD
Chief of Staff Elect
Jason Gutting, MD
Past Chief of Staff
Jude Reed, MD
Matthew Nissing, MD


Medical Executive Committee Members for 2013 (Left to right) Dr. Jason Gutting, Dr. Brian Ullery, Dr. Daniel Bergmann, Dr. Kenneth Hacker, Dr. Joseph Kohout, Dr. Jude Reed, Dr. Diana Westerfield, Dr. Matthew Nissing, Dr. Aubra Houchin, Dr. Timothy Cooper, Dr. John Menius, Dr. Joseph Hill, Dr. Michael Cuipa, Dr. Brian Stufflebam, Dr. Michael Penney, Dr. Phil Orellana


Department of Anesthesia John Menius, MD
Department of Medicine Phil Orellana, MD
Department of Ob/Gyn Joseph Hill, DO

Department of Pediatrics

Jason Gutting, MD

Department of Radiology Michael Penney, MD
Department of Surgery Kenneth Hacker, MD
Department of Trauma/Critical Care Michael Cuipa, MD
Brian Ullery, MD
Outpatient Medicine Representative Aubra Houchin, DO
Members at Large Alan Brook, MD
Joseph Kohout, MD
Varun Puri, MD
Diana Westerfield, DO
Chairman of Credentialing Committee  Brian Stufflebam, MD
Chief Medical Officer Daniel Bergmann, MD
CPOE Physician Leader Phil Orellana, MD
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