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Medical Executive Committee

Medical Executive Committee Members - 2020


  • Chief of Staff: Kenneth Hacker, M.D.   
  • Chief Elect: Furqan Raja, M.D.  
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Lannis Hall, M.D.
  • Chairman of Credentialing Committee: Furqan Raja, M.D. 

Service Directors


  • Emergency Medicine: Joseph Kohout, M.D.
  • Outpatient Medicine: Steven Radel, M.D.

In House

  • Critical Care Medicine: Michael Cuipa, M.D. 
  • Medicine: Scott Zuick, M.D.


  • Anesthesia: Timothy Cooper, M.D. 
  • Surgery: Jerad Miller, M.D.
  • Radiology: Michael Penney, M.D.  

Members at Large

  • John Hartweger, M.D. 
  • Robert Stachecki, M.D.
  • Matthew Claxton, D.P.M. 
  • Damian Baalmann, M.D.

Ad Hoc

  • Chief Medical Officer: Nadia Zia, M.D.
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